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Merger plan approved for Harrogate primary schools

04/05/2010 Joanna
Harrogate authorities have approved the amalgamation of two local primary schools following public consultation that showed "overwhelming" support for the plan, a news report has said.

According to the BBC, Wedderburn infant and nursery school and Woodlands community junior school will be merged next April, in a move aiming to allow young to continue their studies without having to change schools.

The new school will initially have about 500 pupils and will offer places for three to 11-year-olds, in news that might be of interest to primary teachers.

"Vibrant schools make for vibrant communities and we believe the new school will provide the best possible education for our children," a spokesperson for the local county council was quoted as saying by the publication.

In other news, the Conservative party has announced plans to allow parents and other providers to set up their own schools with public funding, the BBC has reported.

Posted by Harriet McGowan
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