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Men urged to consider "invigorating" teaching job

07/04/2009 Joanna
Taking up a teaching job gives those who want to do something for society "a real kick", it has been argued.

This is the opinion of Tony Souter, joint divisional secretary of the National Union of Teachers in Warwickshire.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, he noted that more men should consider joining the teaching profession and becoming members of school staff.

Mr Souter argued that it is important that there are "male role models" for pupils in primary schools.

However, he noted that this is often not possible, with a shortage of men applying to take up roles in the primary sector

Suggesting that many men are deterred from taking up the job because of fears of negative perceptions, Mr Souter argued that these concerns are generally unfounded.

"The reality is that men and women become teachers because it's an invigorating job and working with kids gives a real kick to people who want to do something that benefits society," he told the paper.

Last month, writing in the Daily Telegraph, former teacher Richard Gerver noted that the teaching profession is "one of the most rewarding on Earth".
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