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Melanie Phillips: Teachers should never strike

29/06/2011 Joanna
Teachers should never go on strike as they have a duty of care towards their pupils.

This is according to journalist Melanie Phillips, who said there is an "overwhelming argument" for saying that education professionals should not take industrial action because of the "damage it does to children's interests".

"After all, teaching is much more than a mere job. It is a vocation, which necessarily entails a duty of care towards the pupils of whose once-in-a-lifetime education teachers are the custodians," she commented.

Writing in her column for the Daily Mail, she argued that sometimes, going on strike is the "last refuge of the useless".

The government estimates that more than 5,000 schools will be forced to close or partially close tomorrow (June 30th).

Ms Phillips added that an "alarming" number of teachers today do not have adequate subject knowledge to pass on to their students.

Posted by Katy Kearns
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