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Males 'prefer secondary teaching'

21/09/2010 Joanna
Male graduates tend to opt for secondary school teaching over primary.

This is according to George Muirhead, media correspondent for National Primary Headteachers' Association, who said this may be down to career development reasons.

"There's a clearer career structure in secondary schools, which appeals more to men. Within a secondary school there's a wide range of opportunities to develop your career. Women want to develop their career as well, but I think more men are attracted to secondary school because of that clearer structure," he said.

Mr Muirhead pointed out that primaries tend to be smaller and more "family-based", which may be attractive to female graduates.

It is important that the balance between male and female teachers is addressed because schools should reflect the world around them, he added.

General Teaching Council statistics published earlier this year revealed that only 12 per cent of primary school employees are male.
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