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Majority of those in teaching jobs confident they can identify non-toilet trained children

07/02/2012 Joanna
The majority of people working in teaching jobs can recognise children who have not been toilet trained by the time they start primary school, a study by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers has found.

It was revealed that 79 per cent of those polled knows when a child has an ongoing incontinence problem rather than just having occasional accidents, which is common when youngsters first start school.

Another 61 per cent claimed they have a good understanding of the reasons behind these problems, whether they are medical, physical or psychological.

This suggests that those working in teaching jobs in England are learning to adapt to the changes seen in schools in regards to toilet training.

At least 62 per cent of people working in jobs in education have noticed an increase in the number of children wetting or soiling themselves at school over the last five years.

However, one in five has received information about how to deal with this from their school nurse, while another 13 per cent received advice from their school in general.

This shows that people in teaching jobs dealing with these problems have plenty of help at hand to combat these issues.

A classroom teacher working in the foundation stage in England said: "Children are only just turning three when they start school so we know that some will not be toilet trained and many will have accidents in the first few weeks.

"Extra help has been allocated so we have a full-time assistant to help deal with this so teaching is not interrupted."

On average, children start learning how to use a potty around the age of two but it takes some longer than others to become fully toilet trained, especially if their parents have not been informed about how to undertake this task.

Despite this, 36 per cent of schools provide written information to parents about making sure their child is  toilet trained before starting primary school.ADNFCR-2164-ID-801286524-ADNFCR
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