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Magna Carta to be sent to all UK primary schools

22/04/2015 Joanna
Every primary school in the UK is to be sent a copy of the Magna Carta to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the historic document.

Pupils and teachers will also benefit from a timeline wall chart and newspaper chronicle charting 800 years of the struggle for freedom and rights. One of the aims of the initiative, launched by the Magna Carta Trust, is to explain the contemporary relevance of the charter. 

The Magna Carta was sealed on June 15th 1215 by King John, securing a number of protections for a group of rebel barons and limiting the power of the monarch. It is now considered to be a cornerstone of the British constitution.

In the chronicle, the events of 800 years ago are presented as a series of over 45 newspaper articles, making them easy and enjoyable for people of any age to read.

The timeline features 100 significant historical moments from the laws of Hammurabi to the experience of Malala Yousafzai after her attempted assassination by terrorists simply for daring to go to school.

A souvenir facsimile copy of the 1215 edition of Magna Carta is printed on the back of the timeline so schools can hang up it up on classroom walls. Simple annotations explain the key clauses that constitute the foundation of liberty and the rule of law throughout many parts of the world today.

Chairman of the Magna Carta 800th Committee Sir Robert Worcester said this year represents the best opportunity in a century to present young people with an epic narrative that continues to shape our world.

"The fight for freedom and rights and the rule of law is a global story, but one that should be extra special to everyone living in the UK since its origins and dramas - from the freedom to choose our rulers and religion to equality of opportunity and the right to live without fear of unlawful imprisonment - are so inextricably linked to the history of Britain itself," he added.

Headteachers of all UK primary schools will be sent a copy of the Magna Carta Chronicle, beginning in the last week of April and first week of May.

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