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Low income 'is best indicator of pupil success'

04/08/2009 Joanna
Ending child poverty would transform academic achievement in schools, says a children's charity.

Tim Nichols, press and parliamentary officer for the Child Poverty Action Group, said that "low income is the most accurate predictor of educational failure".

Commenting on the government's Gifted and Talented scheme, Mr Nichols said that the government needs to focus on helping those with jobs in education develop the potential of every child.

"For some it may be the difference between getting to university or not, for others it may be the difference between having the qualifications for a decent job, or having no qualifications and struggling to get work," he added.

The government's Gifted and Talented scheme targets those students from a disadvantaged background who excel in a particular area or have high potential but are underachieving.

Students included in the scheme may be entitled to a £250 annual scholarship for up to four years.

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