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London school first to teach social media course

02/06/2009 Joanna
The Bishop Challoner Catholic School in east London is the first to integrate teaching social media into its English lessons, the Telegraph has reported.

By running the Social Media Foundation course the school hopes to teach students how to best use the sites to promote themselves to potential employers and improve their communication skills.

The course has been devised by Mark Davis, a former head of marketing for the social networking site MySpace and could be rolled out into other schools across the country.

Mr Davis claims that many of the children may go into the digital industries and do not know how to use such sites to their advantage.

"When going into today's world, they need to be equipped with all the digital skills on offer," he told the paper.

Virtual world Second Life is hailed by several commentators as a useful tool for people with special needs or mobility difficulties to represent themselves.

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