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London primary schools to have culture lessons

04/10/2016 Joanna

Former mayor of London Boris Johnson introduced city culture lessons to the curriculum for all secondary schools in the capital, a move that was so successful that new mayor Sadiq Khan is extending it to primary schools too.

This unit, entitled "Going Underground", is now available for all headteachers from London primary schools to run alongside the national curriculum. According to the Evening Standard, it explores the secrets of the London Underground including hidden rivers, dungeons, wartime bunkers and Roman houses, as  well as the Tube’s art and poetry programmes.

Schools that choose to sign up to the programme will also be offered trips to  the Houses of Parliament, the Natural History Museum and Guildhall Art Gallery and Amphitheatre.

"London has been shaped throughout time by people who have come from around the world to make this city their home - from the Romans onwards. Our history and culture is a truly global one, so what better way for primary school children to learn than directly from London’s museums, art galleries and other fascinating institutions?" Mr Khan said.

In the two years since the inception of this unit for secondary schools, a total of 321 have signed up. Mr Khan hopes that it will be just as popular among primary schools in London.

Even though Mr Khan has no formal responsibilities for education in the capital, his deputy Joanna McCartney is responsible for overseeing progress in the city's education. 

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