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London announced as most educated city in Europe

01/09/2016 Rudy

Significantly more graduates are based in London than any other city in Europe, the BBC has reported.

This data has been taken from Eurostat, the statistics arm of the European Commission, which produces figures that drill down to regions and cities. The latest results show that in 2015, London occupied four of the top six regions for having the most graduates.

The highest concentration was in inner London west, which includes Camden, the City of London, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Wandsworth and Westminster. Of all 24 to 69-year-olds living in these areas, 69.7 per cent were graduates.

Inner London east came in second place with 58.3 per cent, while a cluster of London boroughs in the south of the city came in third.

This was followed by Brussels in Belgium and Oslo in Norway, which both stood at around 54 per cent.

England performs so well as it has a relatively high average level of graduates, although Scandinavia has more. In particular, London is the highest performing area in England for education, with rising numbers of people attending university, even among disadvantaged families.

In addition, high numbers of graduates from other countries are now moving to London to work, especially from northern and eastern Europe.

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