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Lincolnshire home to new Montessori school

01/06/2009 Joanna
Youngsters from Lincolnshire can now attend a new school thanks to funding from the European Union (EU) and a local group.

Caistor children are currently enjoying classes at a Montessori centre that have been developed on the former pub and farm site.

The Lincolnshire Montessori Childcare and Education Centre was set up with funds from the EU and the Lindsey Action Zone.

Grants totalling £1.5 million have seen the creation of 100 school places for the areas youngsters, while a further 32 slots are available for those requiring afterschool activities.

The centre has advertised vacancies for eight staff, which may help to cut unemployment rates in the town, those looking for jobs in education may be interested to read.

Nathan Archer, Lincolnshire Montessori development manager, explained that the school is likely to have a positive impact on the development of its pupils.

"We can now provide fun and stimulating activities in a wonderful space for children," he said.

Montessori teaching methods encourage children to learn by practically completing tasks, such as animal care, rather than reading about skills.
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