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Level playing field needed over academy policy, says council leader

26/07/2010 Joanna
Plans that may result in people in teaching jobs working in academies could lead to an unequal education system, a council leader has warned.

According to Councillor Paul Carter of Kent County Council, outstanding schools will have no problems with the independence that academy status would bring.

However, he told Kent on Sunday that this could lead to weaker schools having fewer opportunities, as they would have chosen not to receive local authority support.

"We've had a role in helping and supporting the educational skills agenda and I think this is significant to some schools," he commented.

Councillor Carter said there needs to be a "level playing field" if plans to turn more schools into academies are to proceed.

He added that since the whole process is happening very quickly, the authority will have to "go with the flow".

MPs are currently gearing up to vote on the Academies Bill in parliament, as the government wants it to be passed before the summer recess.

Posted by Harriet McGowan
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