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Letting students use handheld devices 'can cut classroom costs'

18/03/2011 Joanna

Allowing students to bring iPads and other handheld devices into the classroom could help schools to reduce their costs, it has been suggested.

Sarah Underwood, magazine and brand editor at ICT for Education, commented: "Phones that they can share information on and use to look things up will take the cost out of the actual infrastructure in the school, and the schools will put Wi-Fi in to allow the children to do some of their own work outside of the classroom."

She noted that many primary schools already incorporate devices such as the Nintendo DS into lessons.

Ms Underwood added that more schools are likely to have virtual learning platforms in the future and are looking at ways to incorporate the technology children use at home into the classroom.

Speaking recently to the Financial Times, Michael Koenig of the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business suggested that tablet computers work better in the classroom than laptops because they lie flat and do not create a divide between teacher and pupil.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker


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