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Lack of male teachers reported in Welsh primary schools

08/12/2009 Joanna
The number of men working as teachers at primary schools in Wales has reached its lowest figure for five years, according to new research.

There are currently fewer than 10,000 male teachers in primary schools throughout the country, according to the figures from the General Teaching Council for Wales, prompting concerns about the lack of male role models for younger children, reports the BBC.

Women make up nearly 85 per cent of registered Welsh primary school teachers, while there was only one male teacher registered in nursery education throughout the country in March this year.

Ben Dobson, 25, is one of the minority of male teachers and works at Alderman Davies Primary School in Neath. He told the BBC: "A lot of men go into secondary teaching rather than primary. I don't think people realise how varied the curriculum is in primary schools; it would be great for people to have an insight."

In related education news, lessons on internet safety could be introduced for children at primary schools from 2011.

Posted by Theo Foulds.
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