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Kingswood students surpassing expectations

05/05/2009 Joanna
Ofsted inspectors have praised students at St Stephens Infant School in Bristol for surpassing expectations in comparison to national standards.

The Bristol Evening Post quoted inspectors as saying that while recent national assessments in the summer of 2008 were average, "these standards are being surpassed by the pupils currently in year two, where an above average proportion of the pupils are already working at standards expected for their age in reading, writing and mathematics, although relatively few are exceeding them."

It was added that this reflected especially well on those pupils who entered the school with special needs.

The report also singled out headteacher Tim Ruck for special praise, saying he established a clear vision and culture of high expectation from teachers and pupils alike.

Mr Ruck said he was pleased that Ofsted had acknowledged the progress made by the school and insisted further improvement could still be made.
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