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Kent pupils 'on first-name terms with teachers'

16/09/2010 Joanna
A Kent primary has broken with years of tradition by allowing children to address staff by their first names.

Boughton-under-Blean and Dunkirk Primary school in Faversham said they are trialling the policy during the current term.

"There will be people who say we're breaking with tradition, but the kids love it and have really responded well to it," said headteacher Hugh Greenwood.

"That 'speak when you're spoken to' relationship of days gone by has long since gone."

However, he said the school will go back to the traditional way of doing things if the new policy does not work out.

The school hopes that it will make learning a more personal experience for the pupils, Mr Greenwood added.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Sally Palmer, who has a son at the school, said it is "very strange" for students to address teachers by their first names, but added that pupils seem to be enjoying it.
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