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Kent pupils facing transport fees

31/01/2011 Joanna
Parents in Kent may soon find themselves forced to contribute to their children's school transport fees.

The county council is considering asking parents to pay if their child attends a selective or denominational school that is not the nearest to their home.

However, it is likely that children from low-income homes and those eligible for free school meals will not be required to make a contribution.

"Kent County Countil is keen to make sure that parents are able to choose their preferred school. However, the massive financial constraints faced by the public sector cannot be ignored. It is proposed that from September 2012, a contributory fee be introduced to help towards the cost of this transport," the council said in a statement.

Speaking to Kent Online, Brendan Stock, headteacher at Simon Stock Catholic School, said he is disappointed to hear the council may be withdrawing the transport subsidy and hopes that a "genuine" consultation will take place.

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