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IT education 'needs to appeal to tech-savvy teens'

10/03/2011 Joanna
The IT education on offer in British schools needs to appeal to tech-savvy young people if more school-leavers are to work in the industry.

Maggie Berry, managing director of Women in Technology, suggested that the subject is in need of an image overhaul, particularly if more girls are to be attracted to it.

She noted that women currently make up just 15 per cent of applicants for IT and computer-related university courses.

"More education for young girls about what careers in technology can offer is crucial if we want to encourage the next generation of female talent to work in IT. The image of IT being geeky and boring needs to be overhauled in order to interest more girls in technology," Ms Berry commented.

"Many also argue that with today's youth being so technology-savvy, education needs to catch up and be more engaging, rather than teaching what some describe as almost 'secretarial' skills."

A study published this month by the IT Jobs Board found that only 16 per cent of jobseekers in the IT sector are female.

Posted by Jamie Cooper

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