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Introducing our newest Team Member

19/05/2009 Joanna

Kia Ora… wait I’m not from New Zealand… Wanna Chup??? Haha. Hey, how’s it going? My name is Haydn and I have been part of the Teaching Personnel International Team now for about 6 months. I’m from Townsville in North Queensland and like you I’m a teacher. I spent the best part of last year teaching in England before deciding to make the change to this profession in an effort to provide a better service to International teachers coming over.

Teaching in England is great because there are so many Aussie, New Zealand, Canadian and South African teachers over here to not only work with, but also socialise and travel with as well. Speaking of travel, it’s amazing! You get holidays every five or six weeks so you get to see heaps of Europe. If I can give one bit of advise… don’t listen to the negative stories about teaching in England, people will only tell you about their one bad day as opposed to their four good days. I’ve been through it and if you show willingness and dedication, you get rewarded.

To get in contact with me you can email me on:

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