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Improving schools' knowledge of epilepsy 'will reduce fears'

30/09/2009 Joanna
According to secondary school magazine SecEd, a survey conducted by the National Society for Epilepsy (NSE) in 2008 showed four per cent of the UK public still believe that epilepsy is due to possession by evil spirits.

Writing for the publication, special needs expert Chris Parr said the National Society for Epilepsy's new school awareness will help dispel such myths.

Jo Tripp, the NSE’s programmes manager, told the magazine: "Knowledge and understanding are the keys to breaking down fears. Children are very accepting of others who have epilepsy, providing they have been given the opportunity to understand what is happening to someone having a seizure and given the knowledge of how they can help."

The south-east-based disability charity also offers an online forum through its website, where young epilepsy-sufferers can talk frankly and share experiences.

Written by Charlotte Michaels

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