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Important role of school staff highlighted by minister

16/04/2009 Joanna
The importance of the role of school staff in improving educational achievement in Wales cannot be overestimated, it has been stated.

Writing in the Western Mail, Welsh education minister Jane Hutt noted that those in teaching jobs are central to boosting the opportunities of young people in the country.

She noted that the importance of effective teaching for "improved learner performance" means that it is important that the appropriate training is provided to school staff across the country.

And while suggesting that educational achievement will be served well by the introduction of a number of reforms being introduced in the country, Ms Hutt argued that it is the role of teachers that will prove central to their success.

"We cannot overestimate the importance of the teacher's role and it is essential that all teachers react decisively to the changes taking place on the educational landscape," she wrote in the paper.

The policies of the Welsh Assembly Government for the education of eight to 14-year-olds are being assessed by a new group of professionals, the minister announced this week.
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