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ICT has 'a positive impact on pupils'

29/03/2010 Joanna
Staff in teaching jobs believe that information and communications technologies (ICT) plays a constructive role in learning, according to Becta, the government agency promoting ICT use.

Dr Vanessa Pittard, director of e-strategy at the organisation, said that "the vast majority" of educators strongly feel that ICT has "a positive impact on pupils".

Speaking at the Westminster Education Forum Keynote Seminar ICT at school and in the home: efficiency, inclusion and digital skills, Dr Pittard said the "tremendous" change technology has brought about in both the home and workplace means that its educational benefits are now being properly recognised.

She explained that, with the arrival of "computing anywhere we want it", Becta is aiming "for pretty much all schools to be e-enabled".

While Dr Pittard acknowledged that this will be "a real challenge", she added that the agency has set a target of seeing 80 per cent of schools e-enabled by 2014.

Posted by Tim Colman
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