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Huddersfield school crossing patrols 'at risk'

27/01/2011 Joanna
Schools may have to fund lollipop men and women themselves in future if money for these services is withdrawn.

According to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Calderdale Council is considering this option in a bid to cut costs.

Local councillor Colin Stout explained: "They want to transfer the road safety and school crossing patrols from highways control to education which means that every school would have to make allowances for it in their budget."

He told the news provider that some schools could ask teachers to run services before and after work or enlist the help of volunteers.

"These school crossing patrols are there to ensure the safety of our children, what if a volunteer doesn't turn up?" Mr Stout continued.

"Even if there does have to be changes it is crucial we get this right and we need safeguards in place to ensure safety is guaranteed for the children going to and from school on such busy roads."

Meanwhile, the Dorset Echo reported this week that local schoolchildren have joined a campaign to save crossing patrols in their area.
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