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History and geography 'an important part of curriculum'

21/01/2011 Joanna
History and geography are an important part of the national curriculum, it has been suggested.

Writing for the Shropshire Star, Shirley Tart said these subjects help young people to better understand the world they live in.

"If we can't place ourselves in the world's magnificent and robust story, learn from the mistakes as well as the successes and value the opportunity to do both, the way forward is lost," she commented.

"And the idea that the great carvers of history, the spectacles of the geography books, can be wiped from the school curriculum in favour of slick, quick, instant happenings, is dreadful.

Ms Tart applauded education secretary Michael Gove for being eager to bring these subjects back into the classroom "in a big way".

Every generation should learn about the past in schools and not just from the television, she added.

The government announced a national curriculum review earlier this week, with a revamped curriculum expected to be introduced in 2013.


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