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Headteacher criticises curriculum review

21/01/2011 Joanna
The coalition's plans to hold a curriculum review have been criticised by one Newcastle headteacher.

David Pearmain, principal at Kenton School, said the action is simply not needed.

Speaking to Journal Live, he said he does not understand why the government wants to hold the review.

"When Mr Gove became education secretary he said he wanted to give teachers and headteachers more freedom to decide how schools were run; and I'd hoped he was telling the truth," Mr Pearmain told the news provider.

"With this review, however, we could end up with a national curriculum that is even more controlled and centralised than before."

Mr Gove's claims that pupils are only taught about Hitler and Henry VIII in history are also inaccurate, he added.

The Department for Education will lead the review, supported by an advisory committee and a panel of top teachers, business representatives and academics.

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