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Hampton Hill takes sustainable prize

29/06/2009 Joanna
Hampton Hill junior school has won the Teaching Awards' sustainable schools prize.

With help from their teaching assistants, pupils have helped created the greenest school in London.

Children designed an activity zone and acted as eco-ambassadors by going around the school and checking to see lights were turned off and doors and windows shut.

"Our whole vision is that children of this age will be the decision-makers of the future," headteacher Bill Jerman told the Hounslow Chronicle.

As well as solar panels, a wind turbine and a high-efficiency boiler, staff hope to soon add light sensors and a rainwater harvesting system.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, it is increasingly possible to generate your own energy and even sell it back to the grid through buy-back tariffs.

Schools hoping to cut carbon emissions could also investigate ground source heat pumps, which use pipes buried underground to extract heat.
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