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GTC 'to be scrapped'

02/06/2010 Joanna
Michael Gove, the new schools secretary, has confirmed that the General Teaching Council for England (GTC) is to be scrapped.

Commenting on the decision to remove the body, Mr Gove said that the government is working to give those with teaching jobs more freedom and is working to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy.

He said that since his time as a shadow minister he has been "deeply sceptical" about what benefit the GTC brings.

"I believe this organisation does little to raise teaching standards or professionalism. Instead it simply acts as a further layer of bureaucracy while taking money away from teachers," he said.

In order for the abolition to take place, the authority of parliament is needed, and Mr Gove has stated his intention to gain such authority.

Mr Gove recently wrote to all schools offering them to register their interest in becoming academies, claiming that such a move would give them a greater level of freedom.
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