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Government 'will make it easier for overseas teachers to work in UK'

24/05/2011 Joanna
The government has announced plans to make it easier for teachers from overseas to work in the UK.

Addressing parliament this week, education secretary Michael Gove noted that at present, qualified teachers from countries such as Australia, the USA and Canada are required to continue training and undertake further assessment before they are able to teach here.

"One of the aims of my department is to make sure that the most talented people possible are teaching our children and it is already the case that teachers from the European Economic Area can teach in our schools," he said.

According to the Department for Education, the changes are subject to a statutory consultation and could come into effect as early as 2012.

In other teaching news, education watchdog Ofsted revealed earlier this month that fewer teachers were rated outstanding in 2010 than in 2009.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker
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