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Government 'to shake-up national curriculum'

20/01/2011 Joanna
Children will learn about England's former kings and queens, and study great literary works following a major shake-up of the national curriculum.

The government is set to launch a subject review today (January 20th) after claiming that the former Labour government scrapped important topics from the curriculum.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, education secretary Michael Gove said: "The top-performing education nations all have rigorous curricula which act as a benchmark for achievement and a guide to essential knowledge.

"But while we have one of the biggest curricula in the world – at nearly 500 pages – it has failed a generation by not preparing them for the modern world.

"The existing national curriculum embodies poverty of aspiration."

However, the idea of a curriculum review has not been welcomed by everyone.

Chris Keates of the NASUWT Union said teachers want this "like a hole in the head".
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