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Government 'reduces form-filling burden on teachers'

23/09/2010 Joanna
The government said it has asked Ofsted to "ditch" its Self Evaluation Forms (SEF).

These are filled out by head and teachers before inspections, often running to more than 100 pages.

Education secretary Michael Gove said this represents the next stage in the government's programme of reducing bureaucracy in schools.

"The coalition government trusts teachers to get on with their job. That's why we are taking steps to reduce the bureaucracy they face and giving them the powers they need to do a good job. We believe that teachers – not bureaucrats and politicians – should run schools," the minister said.

Reading headteacher Kate Dethridge said principals often spend their summer holidays updating the SEF and noted that axing it will free up a great deal of time.

In related news, the government said back in May that it aims to make it easier for schools to become academies by reducing the form-filling surrounding this.

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