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Government announces new teacher training plans

27/06/2011 Joanna
The government has outlined new plans aimed at attracting the brightest graduates into teaching.

Under proposals published today (June 27th), the government revealed that it intends to attract the best candidates with incentives of up to £20,000.

Graduates specialising in science and maths will receive the highest bursaries, while trainee teachers with third class degrees will receive no government funding.

"If we want to have an education system that ranks with the best in the world, then we need to attract the best people to train to teach, and we need to give them outstanding training," said education secretary Michael Gove.

He added that schools do not get enough say in how teachers are trained at present.

"Nor does the training focus sharply on the techniques teachers most need, such as behaviour management and the effective teaching of reading," Mr Gove continued.

In addition, it was revealed that graduates will not be permitted to begin teacher training courses if they fail basic maths and literacy tests more than three times.
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