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Government announces major independent review into vocational education

09/09/2010 Joanna
A major independent review is to be carried out into vocational education, the government has announced.

Education secretary Michael Gove revealed today (September 9th) that it will be led by Professor Alison Wolf of King's College London.

The minister claimed that vocational education has not been properly valued in the UK in recent years.

"This has left a gap in the country's skills base and, as a result, a shortage of appropriately trained and educated young people to fulfil the needs of our employers. To help support our economic recovery, we need to ensure this position does not continue," he commented.

Mr Gove added that Professor Wolf is highly experienced in this field and has all of the credentials needed to carry out a review into this.

In related news, the education secretary said earlier this week that he would support the introduction of a new baccalaureate qualification in England.
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