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Gove warned 'history lessons are being dumbed down'

12/01/2011 Joanna
The Better History campaign group has warned education secretary Michael Gove that history classes are being dumbed down in English secondary schools.

The group told the minister earlier this month that it has "serious concerns about the steady decline of history's status in schools and the weakening quality of pupils' historical knowledge", the Guardian reports.

Sean Lang, a former teacher and leader of the Better History campaign, said courses now contain much less history than it used to, with topics often "divided into a set of unconnected studies".

"A-level students are increasingly coming through to university with incomplete, often rather superficial, knowledge of a range of periods, but without an identifiable period which they can claim to know in depth," he commented.

In related news, Simon Smith, second master at Brighton College, expressed concern last year that secondary school history lessons focus too much on relatively recent events and should delve further back in time.

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