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Gove: Government will tackle 'educational underclass'

02/09/2011 Joanna
In the wake of the riots that shook the UK last month, Michael Gove has promised that the Department for Education will do its utmost to tackle some of the underlying causes of discontent.

The education secretary suggested that a lack of discipline in classrooms was partially to blame for the looting, arson and violence that marred the streets of England's biggest cities.

He also warned that there is a so-called "underclass" in schools, with many of children that are left-behind being drawn into gang life and ultimately ending up in prison.

"For all the advances we have made, and are making in education, we still, every year, allow thousands more children to join an educational underclass – they are the lost souls our school system has failed," Mr Gove said.

"These are young people who, whatever the material circumstances which surround them, grow up in the direst poverty - with a poverty of ambition, a poverty of discipline, a poverty of soul."

One of the ways that the government is hoping to rebuild the authority of teachers is through its Troops to Teachers scheme, which aims to encourage members of the armed services to pursue a new career path into teaching.ADNFCR-2164-ID-800718368-ADNFCR
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