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Gove accused of failing schools

08/02/2011 Joanna
Shadow education secretary Andy Burnham has accused education secretary Michael Gove of failing schools with his "obsessive drive" to push through reforms.

In an article for the Guardian, the Labour politician said: "The education secretary wants to tell children what subjects they should study, teachers what and how they should teach and local communities what kind of schools they must have."

Mr Burnham described the government's education bill as an "audacious and unprecedented" power grab from teachers and pupils.

Furthermore, he suggested that the bill will make life more difficult for the parents of disabled students.

"This bill stacks the odds against them even further. Poor behaviour can arise from failure to identify or support a child's special needs, and yet, in future, any exclusions that may result will be much harder to challenge," he explained.

In related news, Mr Gove recently announced plans to overhaul the current "sub-standard" national curriculum and replace it with one based on the best systems in the world.
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