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Good school governance 'of huge importance'

20/05/2011 Joanna
Good school governance is extremely important and can have a considerable impact on the success of schools, according to education watchdog Ofsted.

Inspectors recently visited a number of schools where governance is judged to be outstanding and used their observations to produce the report School Governance: Learning From The Best.

Her majesty's chief inspector Christine Gilbert said governors play a critical role in guiding, supporting and challenging schools.

"Members of governing bodies give up their time to do the very best they can for their schools, pupils and local communities and it is important that their contribution adds real value," she commented.

Ms Gilbert added that governors know and understand their schools well, meaning they are able to make big decisions in the best interests of pupils.

Emma Knights, chief executive of the National Governors' Association, welcomed the report and noted that school governance is becoming increasingly important as schools are given more autonomy.

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