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Good degrees 'do not make good teachers'

23/09/2010 Joanna
Having a good degree does not necessarily mean a person will be a successful teacher, it has been suggested.

David Lambert, professor of geography education and chief executive of the Geographical Association, said: "There is not a deterministic, invariable relationship between degree class and a person's quality as a teacher."

Education secretary Michael Gove has floated the idea in the past of only providing funding for trainee teachers with 2:2 degrees and above.

Research published earlier this week by the University of Buckingham indicate that restricting funding in this way could lead to a shortage of teachers in some key areas.

Mr Lambert pointed out that there are many academics who have brilliant minds but are unable to communicate with teenagers.

"Similarly we can all recall the amazing, selfless dedication and patience of the 'late developer' who can inspire – but who may not have been a high achiever in the examination system. And besides, school teachers should be full of all the talents, not just the relatively narrow capacity to perform academically," he explained.
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