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Good behaviour contracts 'to be legally binding'

28/07/2009 Joanna
Agreements which require parents to make sure that their children follow disciplinary codes drawn-up by school staff are to become legally binding, says the government.

Home School Agreements had been introduced in 1999 by the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) to encourage engagement between teachers and parents.

The agreements were individual to each school and covered such topics as school uniform, discipline and homework.

But an addition to the agreement, proposed by schools' secretary Ed Balls would also see those who sign the contract being given the opportunity to report on other parents.

If parents believe the agreement is not being enforced in other families then they are invited to tell the local authorities.

A breach of the agreement could then be used as evidence in court if magistrates consider a parenting order.

The contracts are likely to become legally enforceable this autumn as part of the government's "early intervention" policy on bad behaviour.

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