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Girls outshine boys in Sats

04/08/2010 Joanna
Girls are generally outperforming boys in most academic areas by the age of 11, this year's Sats results show.

Figures released by the Department for Education yesterday (August 3rd) show that nine per cent more female students reached Level 4 or above in English than boys.

In reading, 87 per cent of girls achieved this level, compared to 81 per cent of male pupils.

However, boys performed slightly better in maths, with 37 per cent reaching Level 5 or above. Only 32 per cent of female students achieved this.

Dr Richard House, senior lecturer in psychotherapy at Roehampton University, told the Telegraph that there is a danger boys can be switched off from education at a young age through competitive failure, pointing out that they could become disaffected.

He added: "We must face the politically incorrect fact that there exist significant gender differences in children's development and learning."
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