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'Games-addict' pupils unable to concentrate

08/03/2011 Joanna
increasing number of young people are finding themselves unable to concentrate during lessons because they are hooked on computer games.

A study carried out by teacher Richard Gribble at Widey Court Primary School in Plymouth revealed that 78 per cent of students use games consoles every evening, the Express and Echo reports.

Furthermore, it was found that 35 per cent of pupils are playing computer games before school.

In a newsletter to parents, Mr Gribble said: "We have seen an increase in the number of children showing signs of addiction to computer games and a pattern of very late nights and poor sleep.

"Symptoms include missing meals, talking about computer games during lesson times, tiredness or falling asleep in class, poor concentration, poor reading and vocabulary, reluctance to take part in physical activity, and work or play that includes reference to violent games."

His comments come just a month after former children's TV presenter Floella Benjamin said televisions and computers should be banned from bedrooms.

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