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Future salaries hugely affected by disruptive classmates

27/09/2016 Joanna

A study conducted in the US by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that having naughty classmates during primary school could cost the other students collectively as much as £75,000 in future earnings. In fact, the research showed that just one disruptive child in a class could lower the future earnings of one student by more than three per cent.

This is due to the badly behaved children taking up too much of the teacher's time, meaning the rest of the class miss out. The effects of this can be seen at all points of education, but are particularly prevalent in primary schools.

A recent report published by Ofsted shows that classroom disruption has led to a loss of one hours learning every day, and is having a negative effect on the education of well-behaved students.

"For too many pupils, having a calm and orderly environment for learning is a lottery," the report stated.

This means that many pupils achieve lower exam results than they might have done if their class had no disruptive students.

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