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Full house on the cards for school staff

22/04/2009 Joanna
Bingo halls around England could soon be filled with teachers as one company is offering school staff the opportunity to learn how to play the game.

Government adviser Sir Alan Steer this month announced that games such as bingo and others based on television quizzes should be incorporated into lessons to boost pupil interest and in turn improve their behaviour.

And in response to this news, Mecca Bingo is providing those with teaching jobs the opportunity to learn how to get a full house.

School staff will be able to attend specially-designed crash courses on the game, as well as being provided with free bingo books to take back to the classroom.

A spokesman for the firm stated: "We were thrilled to hear that bingo has been recognised as a fun way of keeping minds focused."

All the recommendations contained in Sir Alan's report - including the use of parenting contracts by all schools and local authorities - were accepted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.
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