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Free schools could be beneficial, says Campaign for Real Education

05/01/2011 Joanna
Free schools could be beneficial in providing parents with an alternative to other schools, it has been claimed.

Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said they are "vital" because the system is in "such a bad state" in some areas.

"The fact that they are fairly autonomous will show that the parents and teachers concerned have a particular interest in the school doing well. Parents of children in the school will press for higher standards and have higher expectations," he commented.

According to Mr Seaton, many parents dislike the fact that some local authorities are closing down popular schools and "pushing" pupils towards larger schools.

However, parents will now have the chance to set up their own where necessary.

Mr Seaton's comments come after a YouGov survey commissioned by the National Union of Teachers revealed that 46 per cent of parents believe there is no need for a new school in their area.
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