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Former teacher highlights importance of male school staff

23/03/2009 Joanna
The teaching profession is 'one of the most rewarding on Earth', a former member of school staff at a primary has argued.

Writing in the Telegraph, Richard Gerver, who was also a headteacher, noted that teaching jobs offer many challenges, but argued that the rewards can be immense.

"Skilled teachers touch our lives forever; they unlock our potential and shape our futures," he wrote.

And Mr Gerver argued that while the most important thing is that children are taught by "great teachers", boys certainly benefit from having "positive male role models" at school.

Male teachers, he suggested, can show them that "learning, schooling and achieving are cool for boys too".

Mr Gerver was echoing the views expressed in a poll conducted by the Training and Development Agency for Schools last year.

This poll of more than 800 men found that 48 per cent said that for children who lack adult male figures at home, male primary teachers are important role models.

Furthermore, 35 per cent believed that having a male primary teacher challenged them to work harder at school.
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