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Falmouth children get taste of life in the past

10/03/2011 Joanna
Pupils from one Falmouth school were given a blast from the past this week when they spent a day experiencing life in a different era.

Year five pupils at St Francis School put their laptops and textbooks away and spent the day working with slate and chalk as they stepped back to Victorian times.

The youngsters even swapped their names, taking on old-fashioned ones for the day, the Cornishman reports.

Teacher Jane Banner told the newspaper: "They have learned how life was very different for children then. School was hard then, but if they didn't go to school they were sent out to work doing some very hard jobs."

She added that the pupils learned "so much" by spending the day as Victorian students.

In related news, children from the nearby Penryn Junior School also enjoyed a dress-up day last week, swapping their uniforms for colourful costumes to celebrate World Book Day.
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