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Exercise is crucial to help learning

30/06/2016 Joanna

When it comes to exam success, academic capabilities are not the only factor that can help to boost grades. In fact, experts from universities across Birmingham, Chester, London and Exeter, among others, have concluded that exercise is also a crucial factor.

The researchers, which were spread over eight countries across the globe, established that allowing children time to run around boosts their brain power. In addition to this, the various studies showed that exercise is vital to improving both physical and mental health.

A statement published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine said that "time taken away from academic lessons in favour of physical activity has been shown to not come at the cost of scholastic performance".

In addition, it adds that "physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness are beneficial to brain structure, brain function and cognition" and "physical activity before, during and after school promotes scholastic performance in children and youth".

Exercise also boosts social inclusion, while encouraging self-esteem and improved relationships with other children, which is a vital aspect of growing up.

Both structured physical activity and free play have been seen to offer benefits to children, with schools being encouraged to not only have sports classes but to ensure children are able to get exercise during breaks.

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