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Ex-service personnel to mentor schoolchildren

28/02/2011 Joanna
Former members of the armed forces will become mentors to troubled teens at a number of schools across the country, it has been announced.

Education secretary Michael Gove revealed that £1.5 million has been awarded to the charity SkillForce, which will be used to set up three pilot programmes next year.

"There is a huge opportunity for those people who have served their country in uniform to serve their country in our schools," he commented.

"They have many of the virtues that parents across the country feel have disappeared from our schools and need to be restored: self-discipline, a sense of purpose and a belief in the importance of working as a team."

Peter Cross, chief executive of SkillForce, said the charity's work brings about positive and permanent changes in the lives of young people.

"The use of former military mentors enables them to serve their communities following a first career of service to their country," he added.

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