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Education 'plays key role in climate change awareness'

12/08/2015 Joanna
Education is the single strongest predictor of climate change awareness, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change.

The study used 2007-2008 Gallup World Poll data from 119 countries, in which people were asked how much they knew about climate change and how serious a threat climate change was to their families, ars technica UK reports.

High levels of awareness were reported in North America, Europe, and Japan, while countries in Africa, the Middle East, and mainland Asia had extremely low awareness. However, climate change was perceived to be a greater threat to respondents' families in the latter group of countries.

The study reveals that education and beliefs about the cause of climate change were the strongest predictors of both awareness and risk perceptions worldwide.

According to the report's authors, national and regional programmes should be created to increase citizen engagement with climate change, and these need to be tailored to the unique context of each country.

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