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Educating boys and girls separately 'better for self-esteem'

09/09/2011 Joanna
Being separated during the school day can give both boys and girls greater self-esteem, it has been claimed.

Dr Helen Wright of noted that recent research from the Institute of Education concluded that being educated in a single-sex environment enables boys and girls to progress and grow at their own pace.

"Single-sex schools create a strong space where girls and boys can learn to feel comfortable with who they are, free of the pressure to conform to stereotypical notions of how girls and boys should or should not be, look or act," she explained.

"Being apart from each other during the school day seems to give both boys and girls greater self-esteem – which is, of course, at the root of successful long-term relationships with others, of both genders."

Speaking earlier this month, educational consultant Neil Myers said boys have a more kinaesthetic way of learning than girls.

He suggested that this can be a problem for some male pupils at secondary school because they find it difficult to sit down in the same place all day.

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