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East-end parents 'will be consulted on sex ed'

12/08/2009 Joanna
An east London council has assured parents that primary schools and local authorities will not introduce additional sex education without speaking to families first.

The East London Advertiser claims parents or carers can keep the right to withdraw their children from classes not part of the national curriculum, primary school staff may be interested to hear.

A spokesperson for Tower Hamlets council admitted there had been a great deal of controversy over the issue and said: "Guiding children carefully in sex and relationships is one of the most critical factors in bringing up our children."

The paper reported a working group comprising of religious leaders, parents and schools is to be set up, to help the local authority devise a policy on sex education.

According to government guidelines, all primary schools must introduce compulsory lessons on the subject within two years.

Former schools minister Jim Knight said faith schools would no longer be able to opt out.

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